What we do

We inspire, challenge and empower our members, helping them to identify and adopt the most sustainable, viable solutions. We also engage our members in advocating a progressive message to government, informing and influencing green building policy.


We aim to influence and inform Government policy: through our Campaigns and Policy work.

UK-GBC engages its members in advocating a progressive message to Government on green building policies, and has had a real impact on issues such as zero carbon new build, retrofit of existing homes, and operational energy measurement and reporting.

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In addition, we run a small number of campaigns on high priority issues - directed toward Government or industry – such as home retrofit, healthy buildings and sustainable cities.

Our activities include:

  • Task Groups and reports
  • Consultations
  • Round Tables
  • Advocacy events
  • Letters to Government 
  • Monthly policy and weekly news updates


We aim to inspire best practice and leadership: through our Learning and Development activities.

UK-GBC’s learning and development programme is flexible and highly accessible, and is structured around different levels of learning.

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It provides members with the knowledge and skills to embed sustainability into business practice. Including:


We aim to impact sustainability performance: through our industry wide Membership.

UK-GBC works with its members to strengthen the business case for green building, helping them to develop and deliver their sustainability goals.

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We help members to do this through:

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