Who we are

The UK Green Building Council is made up of our team of staff, our Board of Trustees and of course our member organisations. While we are each distinct, we like to blur the lines between our staff, Trustees and members, and view all as part of our wider campaign for a sustainable built environment.

Our Team

Our dedicated staff focus on membership, learning and development, and policy, with a number of individuals supporting work across these areas.

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of a diverse group of highly experienced built environment professionals who support the development of UK-GBC.

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UK-GBC Ambassadors

UK-GBC Ambassadors are individuals who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the organisation

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Members' Advisory Group

The Members’ Advisory Group provide strategic advice, support and feedback to the UK-GBC on our key priorities, programmatic activity and membership.

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At UK-GBC we have a small, dedicated team who are passionate about driving our campaign. Find out more about joining us.

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Want to get involved?

Become a member

By joining UK-GBC’s network of over 400 organisations, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, educate your staff, help to inform and influence Government policy, and take part in a range of other activities.

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