At any one time, we have a small number of dedicated campaigns on key issues.

Sustainable Cities

Radical transformation of our built environment is often best viewed through the lens of a city. UK-GBC has increased its activities focussed on city...

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Climate Pledges

The UK Green Building Council catalysed private sector action in advance of COP21 by encouraging members to publish "Climate Pledges".

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Embodied Carbon - Practical Guidance

The built environment is responsible for a large proportion of UK greenhouse gas emissions. Typically, efforts to reduce this impact have focussed...

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Innovation Lab

The UK-GBC Innovation Lab is based on the concept of ‘open innovation’ - the idea that, in a world of widely distributed knowledge, companies cannot...

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Health, wellbeing and productivity

UK-GBC is playing a leading role in this major WorldGBC campaign.

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Homes Fit for the Future

A campaign for energy efficiency to be treated as a National Infrastructure Priority.

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