Member Pledges

UK-GBC members have been making their own corporate commitments, demonstrating their ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment.

" As a designer of sustainable futures, AHR champions architectural innovation to respond to the complex challenges of climate change. We work with our clients and the wider community to carry out collaborative research to overcome industry-wide barriers to meeting COP21 targets. Through detailed post-occupancy evaluation, AHR continually studies buildings in use to create architecture that is flexible and adaptable and meets the evolving needs of occupants. We build on this research to go beyond regulatory requirements to deliver award-winning designs that use significantly less energy and resources to build and operate while being resilient to the impacts of climate change. AHR advocates the recognition of architectural influence on building performance. We actively campaign for a much greater legislative focus on validated performance to achieve better value for investment for our clients. "

" We are committed to increasing our resource efficiency across the value chain to reduce our environmental footprint and to create more value from fewer resources. We target 25-30% improvements in resource efficiency and energy use across the entire value chain by 2020 (measured by cradle to grave carbon footprint reduction) "

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" Our practice has a goal to guarantee the (very low using the Passivhaus methodology) energy performance of our buildings by 2020. "

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" We are committed to reducing our operational carbon to 3tCO2/employee by 2017 and to funding energy and resource efficiency improvements. We are also focused on integrating sustainability into our projects for clients, as these impacts exceed those of our operations. "

" We are committed to our sustainability policy and pledge to reduce our carbon emissions from energy consumption by 50% by 2020 from a 2005-06 baseline. "

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" We will continue our 25 year journey providing leadership to help those we work with to deliver truly low carbon buildings through inspired and innovative design. At the same time we will continue to evaluate and reduce our own near and distant carbon impacts through building management and careful sourcing. "

" For the fifth consecutive year, the Atkins Group has reduced its carbon emissions. The Groups emissions dropped by 2,619 tonnes, a 10% reduction per employee. Atkins is committed to further reductions by working closely with staff, clients and stakeholders. "

" We commit to carbon reduction and we will reduce our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions per £m turnover by 50% by 2020 relative to our 2010 baseline. "

" We commit to achieving climate neutral operations by 2050 and working with our supply chain, customers and wider industry to deliver low carbon solutions for buildings and infrastructure, which deliver benefits for society as a whole. "

" We have committed to clear and transparent reporting on climate change by maintaining our position in the Carbon Disclosure Project. Our aim is to reduce our carbon intensity (tonnes CO2e/1000 sqft of legally completed units) by 10% by 2025 (based on 2015 baseline), and are committed to developing innovative cost effective solutions with our supply chain to achieve this. At the same time we are working to ensure we can meet the requirement to build more energy efficient homes with the full endorsement of our customers. "

" We commit to reduce our environmental impact both as an organisation and through the design of the buildings that we undertake. "

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" We have set objectives to ensure that between 2016 and 2018 we will: - Reduce and offset our operational CO2 emissions - Reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain - Integrate social and environmental best practice into our services - Collaborate with industry groups on sustainability initiatives. "

" We commit to continue to drive best practice and carbon reduction, as we have through the use of BREEAM for the past 25 years. By reaching over 9,000 BREEAM rated buildings we predict emissions savings will be in excess of 900,000 tonnes of CO2, compared to regulatory minimum performance requirements, by 2020. Saving not only carbon, but bringing wider benefits to both the owner and occupiers. "

" By 2020 we will deliver a 15% reduction in landlord embodied carbon intensity for projects over £50m against 2015 per m² "

" Camden Council targets to a 27% carbon dioxide emissions reduction across our own estate and operations and borough by 2017, with a longer term aim to cut emissions by 40% by 2020. "

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" We will reduce our carbon footprint by 24% by 2020 and our electricity consumption from offices by 20% by this year (both compared to our 2011 baseline). Our contracts and projects will all have specific Carbon Reduction Plans, and we will maintain our climate leadership performance and open disclosure under CDP benchmarking. We will work alongside industry leaders to deliver the UK Infrastructure Carbon Review commitments, and we will work with the UKGBC to reduce Embodied Carbon through collaboration and the development of practical solutions for the full built environment. "

" We will continue to champion collaborative working to develop best practice standards and guidance across the construction industry, in both building and infrastructure sectors, supporting embodied carbon and emissions reductions, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. "

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" We will not wait for sustainable construction legislation to be reintroduced. Each house we build will be low to zero carbon. Healthy homes with low running costs. We will measure performance and share lessons learned. "

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" Cofely in the UK : We will committee to achieving a 50% reduction in direct greenhouse gas emissions against our baseline by 2020 "

" We pledge to be Zero Carbon by 2025 – by reducing CO2 emissions due to total office energy consumption. "

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" We will reduce our carbon emissions and our customers' emissions as their savings are larger than our own, and to use our data analysis and visualisation to inform and educate building managers and designers to deliver low carbon buildings. "

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" We will achieve a 5% reduction in landlord influenced energy consumption across our like-for-like managed portfolio by 2017 compared to our 2013 baseline "

" On every Elementa project we will communicate to Clients the opportunities and benefits of Net Positive Energy Buildings. We will collaborate across disciplines to reduce energy demands, accelerate the adoption of new carbon saving technologies, and support energy-saving behaviours. "

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" We pledge to continue its work in low energy design and in particular: 1. To examine ways of reducing to embodied carbon in our buildings, 2. To try to understand and reduce the performance gap in operational energy consumption and, 3. To focus more attention on working to reduce the energy performance of existing buildings "

" We will commit to reducing emissions (scope 1&2) by 21.3% between 2009 and 2020 in terms of carbon intensity. This target involves 100% of the group’s international activities, companies and subsidiaries across the world. In addition, there are initiatives in place to promote the purchasing of electricity from renewable sources, with a target this year for 100% of electricity purchased by Amey to come from renewable sources. "

" We will provide bespoke advice to each and every client to enable them to understand what they can do to achieve meaningful long term action against climate change. We will focus on the three key areas of energy management, embodied carbon reduction and climate change adaptation and mitigation. "

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" We pledge to continue providing a minimum of 20 days pro bono advise and support to industry initiatives that reduce environmental impacts such as SKA rating and other construction and design industry committees improving knowledge, enabling solutions and inspiring a positive legacy. "

" HAB commits to delivering our first Energy Positive place by 2018. From 2020 we will seek to make all of our schemes Energy Positive. Where this is not possible on-site, we will work with partners to reduce carbon emissions in close proximity to the project. We define an Energy Positive place as one that produces more energy than that used within the buildings. We will also target significant reductions in embodied carbon in construction. "

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" We commit to minimising the carbon footprint of HS2 as far as practicable and to delivering low carbon long distance journeys that are supported by low carbon energy. To support this we will set carbon targets and work with our supply chain to manage and minimise carbon emissions associated with the construction and operation of HS2. "

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" We have targets to reduce carbon emissions by 10 per cent and energy emissions by 5 per cent per tonne of product by 2020 based on a 2010 baseline. "

" We will aim to educate at least 200 people per year between 2015-2020, from global Executives to students and graduates, on the business imperatives of tackling climate change. Our Founders commit to providing no less than one day per month of pro-bono time to industry efforts to address climate change and related environmental imperatives. That's 60 days, or two months, each over the next five years. "

" We will continue to fulfil our commitment to creating Environments for Life by helping our clients develop and maintain buildings which are energy efficient, resource friendly, environmentally progressive and future proof. As an organisation, we will continue to reduce our own carbon footprint and maintain our ISO14001 certification. "

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" We commit to assessing the actual performance of our completed buildings with our clients and narrowing the performance gap substantially by 2020. This will include developing tools to better predict the costs in use of our buildings and evaluating their final performance across a variety of metrics. "

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" We have set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 5 per cent per £million revenue by 2016-17 and by 15 per cent by 2019-20 "

" We have established three targets for 2017. These targets significantly reduce our own environmental impact though best in class workplace strategies in JLL’s offices that: 1. Reduce building GHG emissions per employee by 10% by end of 2017 against 2012 baseline 2. Reduce building energy per employee by 10% by end of 2017 against 2012 baseline 3. Reduce rented area per employee by 8% by end of 2017 against 2012 baseline. "

" We commit that by 2050 the King’s Cross development will achieve a 60% reduction in carbon emissions from levels identified in the baseline Energy Assessment. "

" By 2020, Kingfisher aims for a 45% reduction in energy intensity of our property and an energy saving of 38 TWh for our customers. "

" We commit to achieving net zero energy across all sites by 2020, with an interim target of 50% by 2016. Kingspan voluntarily discloses environmental performance and carbon emissions via the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Kingspan Group is also committed to assisting others in lowering their own carbon emissions by providing a wide range of products and solutions which can help to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. "

" We will produce independently-verified carbon footprints for our main off-site manufactured (pre-cast) products by 2020 and we will reduce our direct carbon emissions by 50% by 2020 (compared to 2009 baseline) "

" By 2020 Land Securities will purchase 100% of our electricity from renewable sources. We will continue to publically report climate change information including policy positions, actions and outcomes. "

" We will deliver two major global community-scale developments that are net positive by 2020. "

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" We commit to going over and above current typical practice by using our time, resource and effort to carry out research into building more sustainable buildings, spaces and places. To do this we will learn from what we have built through in-use performance monitoring to improve what we design for the future. "

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" We will target a 65% reduction in emissions over 2010 Building Regulations through fabric improvements and on-site features on London Legacy Development Corporation-led development. "

" We will maintain carbon neutrality for M&S operated activities worldwide until at least 2020. We will improve energy efficiency in UK and Republic of Ireland stores, offices and distribution centres by 50% per sq ft by 2020. "

" We will aim to reduce CO2 emissions from product usage by 30% (2001 baseline) and CO2 emissions from production by 30% (1991 baseline), both by 2021. "

" We will achieve at least a 5% year-on-year reduction in carbon emissions against 2010 baseline, and a 26% reduction by 2020 compared to 2010 "

" We will provide leadership in influencing our customers and partners to reduce carbon by measuring and driving for reductions from 2016 and by championing lean solutions, including BIM and off-site construction, to minimise carbon emissions, resource use and waste on our projects. "

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" We have achieved ISO 50001 certification in 2015 as a step to help us achieve our overall target to reduce total emissions by 10% by the end of 2016/17 compared to the base year of 2011/12. "

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" We pledge to help Planet Mark-certified organisations reduce their carbon footprint per employee by at least 10% per year. "

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" Since 2007, Purcell has produced an annual Operational Carbon Footprint report which measures the environmental impact of the Practice. This demonstrates our enduring passion and deep commitment to a sustained reduction of our carbon emissions. In 2014 our net carbon footprint was 1.70 tCO2 which is 37% below our benchmark year. We commit to achieving our target of 1.5tCO2 by 2020. Our Carbon Governance Strategy sets long term targets for our carbon performance both in our architectural work and office activities, encouraging our staff and clients to remain supportive of our exemplar objectives. We continue to work on delivering pioneering sustainable projects that secure BREEAM Outstanding & Excellent accreditation. "

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" We will roll out a new, energy efficiency training module for our production staff, introduce real-time, high-visibility monitoring of energy consumption and empower our workforce to take decisions that will continue to improve the energy efficiency of our manufacturing process. "

" As an official partner of COP21, Saint-Gobain shares the need for strong commitments to limit global warming. Our commitments can be seen on our website. "

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" Savills takes a considered and structured approach to managing its environmental impacts. This process is driven through its Environmental Management System (EMS). Our business has a strong commitment to the prevention of pollution, complying with all environmental legalisation and any other requirements, to promote continuous improvement within the EMS and to achieve development in overall environmental performance. During 2014 Savills reduced its average annual carbon intensity in its large London offices by 41% compared to the 2010/11 benchmark year. Savills PLC has committed to a 5% normalised reduction in its global green house gasses. "

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" We are committed to being the Sustainable Contractor of Choice in the UK, and compared to 2008, we will achieve a reduction in our carbon footprint of 25% per £m turnover by 2019 - our 150 year anniversary. "

" Through our Journey to Deep Green™ we will target net zero energy buildings, near zero carbon construction and the mitigation of other environmental impacts. We are committed to using the World Green Building Council's Metrics Framework to measure Health, Wellbeing and Productivity benefits to demonstrate that green buildings are mutually beneficial to people, business and the environment. "

" We will continue to provide leadership to educate, inform and encourage those we work with to deliver truly low carbon buildings through 'Whole Life', ie both Embodied and Operational emissions reductions. We will also work to deliver a UK wide implementation plan for delivering Whole Life Carbon reductions in accordance with BS EN 15978 by mid 2017. We will reduce our own carbon footprint by 50% by 2020. "

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" We commit to delivery of pro bono energy efficiency consultancy support to registered charities in the 2016 calendar year. "

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" As proud members of ULCOS (Ultra-Low CO2 Steelmaking Partnership) which has the stated goal of developing technologies capable of reducing the CO2 emissions of steel production by 50% by 2050, and as host to its leading pilot project, Hisarna, we will continue to invest in research & development in the search for ways to reduce CO2 emissions through breakthrough technology. Our innovative products are also crucial for a lower CO2, more resource efficient world, ranging from lighter vehicles to making regular buildings their own 'power stations' - we will continue to invest in such product innovation. We have also demonstrated strong sustainability credentials through our responsible sourcing programme which has achieved BES 6001 certification across nine of our European sites. We plan to certify a further eight sites to BES 6001 by 2017. "

" We will halve our impact: Improve carbon emissions intensity by a further 50% from a 2012/13 baseline for property under our direct control (by 31 March 2022) "

" We are committed to continue embedding sustainability within the heart of our business, across all the sectors we work in. This applies to everything we do and influence in our design work and business operations. "

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" At TFT, we understand that the Earth’s resources are for all to share and we pledge to play our part. We commit to providing the best advice and practical solutions to all those who own and manage property assets, making them more and more energy efficient. In particular, we pledge to try and close the performance gap between how buildings are designed and how they end up being used. "

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" UK-GBC has itself made a number of commitments to contribute to a positive outcome at COP which you can find on the Climate Pledges page. "

UK-GBC Pledge

" We pledge to reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon by 15% relative to sales turnover (against a 2014/15 baseline). "

" We will put in a building evaluation fee for all jobs and will carry out a study wherever possible. We will also adopt a policy of a min 5% improvement on current Part L on all our projects. "

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" We will halve the amount of carbon our company emits by 2020 (compared to a 2010 baseline). "

" We commit to demonstrating the benefits of zero carbon buildings and supporting clients to achieve zero carbon new buildings and low carbon refurbishments of existing stock in a Future Ready built environment. We commit to developing and sharing knowledge to deliver a zero carbon built environment. We also commit to reducing the carbon footprint of our own buildings through our global real estate strategy and global sustainability programme covering procurement, fabric, controls and occupant behaviour. "

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" We will provide an advisory role to support our fellow UK-GBC members achieve five of the most ambitious pledges. This will be brought about through provision of our time pro bono and our expertise to work together with each member in order to quantify the impact of what they hope to achieve in absolute terms and to help generate some tangible ideas and approaches at a strategic level to achieve the specified reduction. "

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