Health, wellbeing and productivity

UK-GBC is playing a leading role in WorldGBC's major campaign 'Better Places for People'.

In 2014, WorldGBC – led by a project team from UK-GBC – published the global report Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices: The next chapter for green building. The report, raised awareness of this topic and set out a framework for organisations to measure how their buildings impact on their employees, and was very well received.

WorldGBC are now running a follow-up campaign called 'Better Places for People', to acclerate the demand for and supply of healthy buildings globally, and to ensure that the principles can be taken forward in other building types - retail stores and residential properties as well as offices.

UK-GBC have continued to play a leading role in this campaign. In February 2016 we published a report from our Retail Task Group and in July 2016 we published a report on the UK residential sector.

April 2017 saw the completion of UK-GBC's first Wellbeing Lab - a programme that brought together teams from a range of diciplines to share experience on projects in the offices sector - which has been showcased in a compenduim of experience. The next Wellbeing Lab will focus on retail the retail sector and UK-GBC is currently looking for members to get involved.


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