Cities Programme

UK-GBC’s vision is a built environment that enables people and planet to thrive. With over 80% of the UK population living in urban areas, and cities providing the economic centre of gravity in most regions, we will only succeed in achieving this vision if our cities enable people and planet to thrive.

Cities are where health, wealth and quality of life inequalities are most keenly felt. They are on the frontline of climate impacts, they are where we generate most waste and consume most resources. The buildings and infrastructure of our cities can contribute to these problems or it can provide solutions.

In this context, the UK-GBC Cities Programme is a series of diverse but coordinated activities, designed to support a single purpose: to unleash productive new partnerships between city policy makers and progressive businesses in the built environment sector which catalyse the delivery of genuinely sustainable places.

The list below provides a snapshot of some of our recent work, with related information available here.

  • Sustainable Cities Leadership Summit: In January 2017, UK-GBC held a one day conference in Leeds in association with Core Cities UK, to bring together public and private sector leaders to accelerate action on sustainable cities. An output report, summarising discussions and setting out next steps is available here.
  • Regeneration and Retrofit task group: A project coming out of the Birmingham 'breakthrough' process, designed to provide industry and local authorities with the tools they need to take major retrofit-led regeneration initiatives to market. Sponsored by Dulux Trade.
  • Social Value: Working with key partners from the Core Cities, UK-GBC will lead a project to help make sense of the social value landscape for our sector, and explore how industry can improve and best demonstrate the social value that they are offering the communities in which they build.
  • Housing Standards: UK-GBC is working with Core Cities and our members to explore the ways and means available to local authorities to encourage and facilitate high quality housing development, and how developers can gain better recognition by local authorities when they bring forward high quality proposals.
  • Policy briefings and guidance: UK-GBC have a long track-record of engagement with planning and building regulations policy. Most recently this has focused on the levers available to local authorities to drive high quality development following major changes at national level.
  • Birmingham Summit: A partnership with Birmingham City Council, including our second major City Summit, saw us take a process of 'breakthrough innovation' to the city, working with stakeholders to tackle some of the city's key built environment challenges and co-create solutions. 
  • Manchester Summit: UK-GBC's inaugural City Summit was a collaborative policy-making and education exercise with Manchester City Council, designed to inform the city's long term city strategy.

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