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London 2012 Sustainability Lessons Learned

UK-GBC's unprecedented series explored a comprehensive range of sustainability themes and strategies using examples from the London 2012 construction project.

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Top Sustainability Lessons Learned

Here are a few of the running themes that came up time and again over the 15+ Lessons Learned events held in the series. We think these are critical to sustainability and are transferable to all construction projects:

  • Leadership by Client
  • Culture of Teamwork
  • Early Engagement
  • Communicate Proactively
  • Don’t be afraid to innovate

Get more detail about each of these, as well as further practical advice and guidance by downloading our Lessons Learned Guide.

Sustainability Lessons Learned Guide

Download the Guide here

A guide to achieving the gold standard in sustainability from the experts delivering the London 2012 construction project which allows you to:

  • Get exclusive access to this unique intellectual property, including key resources, practical advice, videos and presentation.
  • Transfer and embed the lessons learned into your own work today.

What was the London 2012 Lessons Learned Series?

UK-GBC was chosen to support the Olympic Delivery Authority's (ODA) Learning Legacy programme on the topic of sustainability. The Learning Legacy project is the first time intellectual capital of this scale has been captured by any previous Olympic Games or UK construction project.

Our London 2012 Sustainability Lessons Learned series consisted of two streams of events running in tandem - Breakfast Sessions on venues and Masterclasses on sustainability issues.

Olympic Venue Breakfast Sessions

Delivering a Sustainable Velodrome

Delivering a Sustainable Aquatics Centre

Delivering a Sustainable Stadium

Delivering a Sustainable Athlete's Village

Delivering Sustainable Temporary Venues

Sustainability Masterclasses

Sustainable Performance & Green Standard Masterclass

Energy & Carbon Masterclass

Water Masterclass

Social & Economic Masterclass

Waste Masterclass

Materials Masterclass

Managing Construction Impacts Masterclass

Biodiversity Masterclass

Masterclasses were CPD accredited, endorsed by UK-GBC's Training & Education Programme, and are currently supported by CIBSE, ICE and CIOB.

UK-GBC's London 2012 Sustainability Lessons Learned Series is in Partnership with Atkins and co-sponsored by Saint-Gobain. 

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