Business value of Sustainability, and Investment Decision making

The aim of this course is to help attendees understand the key drivers and business case for sustainability, approaches for decision making and strategies for responsible property investment. Participants will learn how to measure and optimise the value of a portfolio through a greater focus on sustainability, and hear about real-life examples of responsible property investment.

Key topics to be covered at this  half day workshop include:

  • The drivers of, and strategies for, responsible property investment
  • Understanding the value of sustainability of buildings
  • The principles of responsible property investment
  • The roles of key stakeholders in the process
  • Industry case studies for responsible property investment
  • Future trends: how buildings’ health and wellbeing credentials could impact their long-term value

Attend this course if:

You are involved in the acquisition, fund management, development or management of buildings. It is particularly suitable for key roles such as asset managers, development managers, property agents.


  • Rebbecca Pearce, CBRE
  • Sarah Ratcliffe, Better Buildings Partnership
  • Nick Hogg, Sustainable Commercial Solutions

L&D programme Strategic Partner