Masterclass: How to integrate natural capital to increase value on projects

Helping you make substantial progress on sustainability challenges you face

Are you facing challenges to integrating natural capital on your projects?  Do you need help with demonstrating the business case?

Explore the opportunities and risks associated with this fast emerging issue, and have the chance to reframe nature as the solution to global challenges, rather than a part of the problem.  Discuss with industry experts and peers how other organisations are harmonizing their approaches to natural capital, and explore solutions that have been implemented in the industry.


Who should attend?

Attend if you are a built environment professional interested in Natural Capital, and wanting to make progress in applying sustainability solutions in your business. Also for:

  • Sustainability professionals working in the built environment
  • Leaders in the membership organisations that can influence their organisations to change practice or influence projects for more sustainable outcomes.


Why attend?

At the Level 3 masterclass, explore key challenges you face in your day-to-day work in integrating sustainable solutions to building projects, and learn how industry experts have adopted strategies to overcome these challenges and implemented changes have delivered innovative solutions.

Delivered in an empowering way, at the Natural Capital masterclass you will get:

  • Understanding of the sustainability challenges around natural capital and business case for change
  • Discussions with peers on the key challenges in integrating natural capital on projects
  • Insight and guidance on what tools and strategies can be adopted, and be equipped with a ‘how to’ guidance on taking forward into your organisation.
  • Practical options to implement new thinking and innovation for your organisation and on specific projects.


‘Natural capital is a way of defining the wide range of benefits that we derive from nature. It provides the air we breathe and the water we drink. It is essential to life and it underpins thriving societies and prosperous economies’Natural Capital Coalition

Speakers Include

Dr. Marta Santamaria, Technical Director, Natural Capital Coalition

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