Masterclass: How to write an effective brief for an embodied carbon assessment

Through a combination of expert speakers, case study examples and interactive exercises this masterclass will provide you with an understanding of how to commission embodied carbon assessments. You will learn what decisions you need make as a client, what your role in the assessment process is and what you need to know in order to write an effective brief. Learn what to do when you receive your assessment back and how to make meaningful embodied carbon comparisons. 

Session 1:  Embodied Carbon – The Full Picture

This session will explain what embodied carbon is, what the current industry landscape around embodied carbon is and what the challenge is in order to meet 2050 carbon targets. 

Session 2: Embodied Carbon the Client Brief

Speakers will take you through the recently launched Embodied Carbon guidance focusing on its practical implementation.

Session 3: The client experience – going through the process

Using a portfolio case study this session will look at what happens once an assessment is made and how it can be interpreted in order to make comparisons.

Who should attend?

You should attend if you are a client organisation including:  investors (pension funds, private equity funds etc.), REITs (real estate investment trusts), developer-landlords, owner occupiers and tenants, local authorities and infrastructure clients.


Jannik Giesekam, University of Leeds

John Davies, Derwent London 

Strategic Partner

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