Webinar: Delivering Low Carbon Infrastructure

Join this webinar to hear the findings of the UK-GBC report on “Delivering Low Carbon Infrastructure” and to discuss via interactive polling and Q&A how the industry should act on the report’s recommendations.

The threats from climate change are increasingly visible and the UK has ratified the Paris Agreement, which requires a net zero carbon economy within the second half of this century. The UK Climate Change Act also requires an 80% reduction in the UK’s carbon emissions by 2050, from a 1990 baseline. The infrastructure industry has a very significant role to play as it accounts for 16% of the UK’s total carbon emissions and has influence over a further 37%. This total impact figure of 53% is set to grow to 90% by 2050. Meanwhile, over £500 billion is planned to be invested in the construction of UK infrastructure between 2016 and 2030.

Join us to discuss the report findings and how the infrastructure industry could establish, monitor and report progress against a whole life carbon target.


Susan Schnadhorst, Sustainability Lead, Osborne

Chris Hayes, Sustainability Operations Director, Skanska

Alastair Mant, Head of Industry Engagement, UK-GBC

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