Webinar: Embodied Carbon - Developing a Client Brief

Embodied carbon is the carbon emitted throughout the built asset’s lifecycle excluding the operational emissions. This includes emissions that make up the built asset during the capital expenditure phases - these can be due to extraction, manufacture, transportation, assembly, maintenance, repair, refurbishment and potentially demolition and end of life scenarios. 

UK-GBC has recently launched "Embodied Carbon: Developing a Client Brief" which helps clients take the first steps in to embodied carbon landscape and commission the first embodied carbon assessment. 

During this webinar, attendes will:

  • receive an overview of UK-GBC's work on embodied carbon to date;
  • understand the basics of embodied carbon and the scale of the embodied carbon challenge;
  • understand what is in the guidance and how clients can start approaching embodied carbon within their assets;
  • understand how to use the UK-GBC guidance effectively to write an embodied carbon brief;
  • hear from a client organisation and its experience of tackling embodied carbon; and
  • have an opportunity to ask questions to the guidance authors.


Confirmed speakers include:

  • Natalia Ford, UK-GBC (project lead)
  • Sarah Hodson, Carillion
  • John Davies, Derwent London

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