On-site Learning

Held at a sustainable building or community project, On-site Learning is the most ‘hands on’ form of learning which UK-GBC delivers. Learners can immerse themselves in a real life project and hear about the lessons learned, and how these lessons can be applied to help achieve sustainable outcomes on projects.

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Course Content

Each On-site Learning Tour includes a presentation by technical experts involved in the project, who present on its vision, objective, and success criteria, as well as a guided tour of the project led by those who directly worked on it, with a focus on the building lifecycle, practical solutions and lessons learned. 

Previous on-site learning tours include WWF’s Living Planet Centre in Woking, King’s Cross Development and MMU Birley Fields Campus. 

Learning experience

  • The On-site learning stream offers an interactive and immersive approach to sustainability, including a tour of the building or site by a project expert.
  • Learners receive an in-depth case study, with detailed information of the building or project, following the On-site Learning Tour.
  • 3 CPD hours.

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