Change Accelerator

The Change Accelerator will support senior sustainability professionals to think differently, create strategic business solutions, and implement change.

Applications to the 2017 Change Accelerator programme will open in summer 2017. Click on the link below to register your interest.

Register your interest in the Change Accelerator

Going far beyond traditional leadership coaching, delegates will be exposed to a unique mix of learning techniques and peer-to-peer dialogue. This will be delivered through a 5-part curriculum:

  1. Purpose
  2. Insights
  3. Strategy
  4. Storytelling
  5. Collaboration 

The skills and insights gained on the programme will benefit both the individual and their organisation; developing critical skills to drive change.

A dedicated alumni group will continue to work together beyond the programme to share experiences of sustainability leadership and business transformation, continuously updating knowledge to maintain their position as drivers of change across our industry.

Details of the Programme

The Change Accelerator will apply a new framework to existing challenges, to enable ‘change agents’ to think at a systems level and drive sustainable outcomes for business. To achieve this change, delegates will follow a 5-part curriculum delivered over an 8-month period. They will identify a focus area in the initial session, and over the course of the programme,work to develop insights and strategy that will enable breakthroughs to be achieved, both in their own personal leadership journey and their business.

Programme Collaborator

Switch On Worldwide

The Change Accelerator programme has been developed in collaboration with our delivery partner Switch On Worldwide. Switch On is leadership consultancy - born from a disruptive innovation agency - dedicated to equipping leaders with everything they need to find and seize opportunities for continuous business breakthroughs that create value and drive impact within the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, Networked and Stressed (VUCANS) world.

Benefits for the individual

By taking part in the Change Accelerator Programme you will:

  • Revisit and evolve leadership purpose, learning how to maximise presence and influence for positive change
  • Gain insight into a rapidly changing world and understand how to identify and map complex challenges
  • Explore future scenarios considering how these could affect existing strategy and business model
  • Learn how to apply new thinking to facilitate cultural and systemic change
  • Learn how to maximise personal and organisational influence through powerful storytelling
  • Be equipped to deliver organisational breakthroughs and contribute to transformational change at the sector level
  • Form lasting links to a powerful community and support network of sustainability leaders through the UK-GBC facilitated forum
  • Benefit from formalised links with the UK-GBC Leaders’ Network – an exclusive group of senior business executives from across the industry

Benefits for the Organisation

Organisations with someone on the Change Accelerator programme can:

  • Gain insights which are invaluable to facilitating a significant step forward in your organisation’s sustainability journey
  • Develop a sustainability-focused culture within your organisation
  • Develop motivated and purpose-driven leaders who understand and can drive the value of a sustainable approach to business
  • Facilitate development of free-thinking individuals with fresh perspectives and ideas, who can bring this thinking back to the business to inspire others to make positive change
  • Equip leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools to drive positive change in your business and make a tangible impact
  • Allow delegates to realise the value of their organisation, increasing company loyalty and engagement
  • Contribute to a system-level transformation of the built environment 

Who should take part?

To take part in the Change Accelerator, individuals should have at least 10 years of professional experience and be in a role with influence over organisational strategy, with a remit for positive change.

Applicants will be selected based on their knowledge and experience of sustainability in the built environment, and most importantly, their desire to challenge current systems and achieve a breakthrough that will transform their organisation’s approach.

This programme would be highly relevant to the following roles: Head of Sustainability, Head of Marketing, Head of Innovation, Head of Strategy, Head of Futures, Change Manager.

An essential learning and evaluation tool for anyone who is committed to achieving substantive change in their organisation or industry sector.
John Logan, Sustainability Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine


£3999 UK-GBC members / £5499 non-members

Each year, we offer a bursary place to not-for-profit organisations or SMEs. In order to be considered for this place, your organisation must be a UK-GBC member - see our membership section for more details on how to sign up.

The Application Process

We will be accepting up to 16 experienced leaders for the 2017 cohort. As with our other executive programmes, we expect applications to be highly competitive, and we will be accepting a maximum of two applicants from each organisation.

  • All applicants must be endorsed by a board-level director in their organisation.
  • Once all applications are received, they are put before a review panel for assessment and a decision will be made within 4 weeks. As part of the application process, you may be asked to participate in a short telephone interview. Applicants are chosen based upon their knowledge, experience, and desire to challenge current systems and ways of working.

Applications for the Leadership Accelerator will open on 16 May 2017.  If you are interested in taking part, we would be delighted to hear from you. If you would like to discuss your application, please contact Cat Hirst, Head of Learning and Innovation, and when you are ready to submit your application please complete and return an application form to to apply.

We want to propel the sectors key sustainability influencers even further, ensuring they have the leadership skills, innovation toolkit, and support network to drive radical change within the businesses and the sector as whole. This is not about incremental change in business, we want to work with key individuals to challenge, inspire and transform.
Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive, UK-GBC