Embodied Carbon – Practical Guidance: Client & Supply Chain Workshop

UK-GBC is currently drafting guidance aimed at client organisations to be able to effectively commission embodied carbon measurement in new developments. For several years, UK-GBC has been raising awareness of the importance of embodied carbon in buildings and the opportunities it offers to improve the whole life carbon performance and associated cost savings. Our successful Embodied Carbon Week 2014 and Embodied Carbon Conference 2015 were sell out events and sparked interest within our members to start taking action on such an important issue. With industry initiatives such as the CDP, DJSI, GRESB and BREEAM expanding their embodied carbon or Scope 3 emission requirements, turning embodied carbon is into an increasingly material issue to organisations, this is a timely moment to get to grips with the topic.  

Our first workshop in September 2016 tested the draft guidance on client organisations. We would like to invite UK-GBC members to our second workshop with both clients and supply chain organisations to help co-create a significant part of this guidance and test whether the drafted content is suitable and relevant to your businesses. 

The workshop format is designed for our members to share their knowledge on embodied carbon assessments and also to easily inform an important UK-GBC output, without an onerous time commitment.

 Who should attend:

-          From “client” organisations (including investors, developers, owner occupiers and local authorities)- commercial staff responsible for development briefs, sustainability team members who input into development briefs.

-          From supply chain organisations (including designers, engineers, consultants/advisors) – technical experts in embodied carbon assessment. 

For general information on the Embodied Carbon - Practical Guidance project please click here.