ESOS Showcase

The qualification date for ESOS passed in December of 2014, meaning that by 2015 thousands of “non-SME” companies across the UK will have to undertake an audit of their organisation-wide energy use. The scheme has considerable potential to spur investment in energy saving measures – if organisations take the scheme seriously and commission detailed audits, they will be well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that their assessors identify, and to attract investment from external financiers.

Recognising the role that ESOS could play, long term, in driving energy efficiency in the UK, we are hosting an event that will look at the debut year of the scheme in some detail. The first half of the event will focus on learning lessons from the policy itself: what worked and what didn’t, and how the scheme could be improved ahead of the next audit cycle. The second half will focus on how industry responded: showcasing ambitious action taken by those covered by the scheme, and how the supply chain rose to the challenge of supporting that ambition.

The event, which will take place in Central London, will feature speakers from Government, the scheme regulator (the Environment Agency) and a range of speakers from across the industry. It will offer attendees the chance to influence the future shape of this high-profile scheme, and to hear from those that have taken a best practice approach to compliance. For those that have pushed the boundaries, it will also present an opportunity to gain recognition for the things they’ve achieved under ESOS.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Lord Bourne, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Climate Change
  • Michael Jampel, Deputy Director for Business Energy Use, DECC 
  • Keith Brierley, Environment and Business - Senior Advisor, Environment Agency

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