Looking ahead: the future of sustainability and housing

What does the future hold for sustainability in the housing sector? This question will be tackled head on at Sustainable Homes’ National Conference, ‘Looking ahead: the future of sustainability and housing’ on 27 September.

What will the day involve?

The one-day event will comprise a fantastic series of keynote speeches, breakout sessions and networking slots, which will offer insights into emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. Discussion points will include:

  • The current state of sustainability in housing
  • The policy landscape: what to expect and how to plan
  • How to get more from your resources
  • Sustainable finance opportunities for the housing sector
  • How technology can offer value for money
  • New methods of construction and emerging building trends


Who should attend?

‘Looking Ahead’ will be relevant for everyone working in the housing sector, from sustainability professionals, asset management, development and finance.
With top-level advice from industry leaders, replicable case studies, focused discussions and examples of breakthrough technologies, this is not an event to be missed!

Click here for bookings, further information on the programme, speakers and event details.
If you have any questions, please contact Joana Malato at Sustainable Homes on joana@sustainablehomes.co.uk or 0208 9730 405.