Regeneration through home retrofit for Green Sky Thinking Week

UK-GBC's Regeneration and Retrofit task group has been exploring the link between estate regeneration and whole home retrofit.

Regeneration is a hot topic in the construction industry. The Government has indicated the importance of transforming low income housing estates through the Estates Regeneration Strategy published last year, and it’s clear this is an important part of the agenda for improving life chances and ensuring no one is left behind.

Regeneration often conjures images of large scale redevelopment projects, demolishing old estates and rebuilding as high quality communities. But while reconstruction is usually the preferred solution for a particular estate, regenerating the UK’s cities will mean transforming areas where it is impractical or unviable to rebuild.

These estates will need a different approach to ensure that those who cannot move into a new property can get high quality improvements to their current home. UK-GBC’s Regeneration and Retrofit Task Group is investigating the regenerative impacts of whole home retrofit and building the business case for retrofit-led regeneration projects in terms of social, economic and environmental benefits.

The task group will examine the ways in which these high quality retrofit-led regeneration projects can be delivered. Proposals will be developed for the use of social enterprises to engage residents and offer local employment and apprenticeships in construction, and overcoming funding barriers through local authority revolving funds which can provide a compelling offer for all households in an area. The intention is to find local authorities and industry partners who could trial such approaches on existing projects.

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Task group member, PRP, will host a seminar that presents some of the findings, including the investment case for retrofit-led regeneration and innovative tools and mechanisms for delivery.

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