On 13 September, Powerstar is hosting a free to attend breakfast seminar in Birmingham that will explore the importance of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in the future energy landscape as blackouts and brownouts become increasingly regular within the UK.

By allowing a site to function entirely off-grid when needed, UPS can play a crucial role in securing the supply and protecting businesses from expensive power failures.

As technological advances occur, businesses are becoming more reliant on electrical equipment, and in many cases power outages can not only rack up bills from loss of productivity and wasted products for sectors such as manufacturing and retail sectors, but can also have devastating effects to business that operate critical systems.

Securing your supply with UPS can not only protect against the aforementioned costs, it can also generate an additional revenues stream for your business, cut your carbon emissions and maximise on green energy.

Refreshments and breakfast pastries will be provided for all attendees upon arrival, and the venue boasts free on-site parking and a 9 minute walk from the nearest train station.

The seminar will address the following topics:

  • How UPS works and why is it needed?
  • The limitations of traditional systems historically used to provide UPS
  • Why battery-based energy storage is becoming a popular alternative to those systems
  • Why battery-based energy storage is future proof, including how it is easily scaled to future demand
  • The ‘green’ benefits of UPS