Sustainable Stand Awards

Each year at Ecobuild, the UK Green Building Council gives exhibitors the opportunity to proudly shout about the green credentials of their stand. Sustainability is now key for exhibitors as in 2014, Ecobuild implemented the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System, which addresses materials use, waste reduction and carbon mitigation and put in place a sustainable procurement process for all suppliers.

We look for examples of how sustainability will be incorporated into exhibition stands including the design and sourcing of materials and construction, from eliminating waste, reducing materials and energy used, reusing and recycling, to displaying the ethical sourcing and fair-trading of the materials used.

Criteria considered in judging the stands include:

  • reducing and recycling
  • minimise carbon footprint
  • responsible sourcing
  • healthy and safe materials 
  • sustainable event management

The Awards are a great way for your company to show leadership, ingenuity and creativity as well as demonstrating your commitment to sustainable working practices.

For 2016 we made a slight adjustment to the boundaries of those, which will be ‘Up to 60m2’ and ‘Over 60m2’Please note that the Awards are only open to “space only” stands. “Shell only” will not be accepted.

The Prizes

For 2016 we teamed up with Ecobuild and had some fantastic prizes to give away to the winners. These included one year of free UK-GBC membership to non-members and to existing members: UK-GBC courses, Building Magazine and BD online subscriptions for a year and a price-freeze on stand rates for 2017 as well some great publicity via the Ecobuild website.

2015 winners

Up to 80m2 - SRE
Runner up - SiP Energy

Over 80m2 - Graf UK
Runner up - ZERO

You can read about all of the winners and runners up and see which stands were shortlisted here.

Previous winners of the award


Up to 100m2 - BRE
Runners up - ACO Technologies
3rd shortlisted -  CemFree (David Ball Group)

Over 100m2 - University of East London
Runners up - Make Architects
3rd shortlisted -  Ecoboard


Up to 100m2 - Coillte
Highly Commended - Interface 
Over 100m2 - Aco Technologies
Highly Commended - Travis Perkins Group plc

You can read more about the stands and why they won here.


Up to 100m2 - B&K Structures
Over 100m2 -  Lafarge

We were delighted to be awarded this prestigious award. We demonstrated Lafarge’s commitment to pioneering innovative sustainable construction solutions for the future.
Emma Hines, Lafarge