Level 3: Application

Level 3 is for learners who want to gain a more in depth understanding of how to tackle key sustainability issues and learn how to deliver high impact solutions and apply lessons learned from real projects.

Do you want to gain a more in depth understanding of how to tackle key sustainability issues? Through our Level 3 courses, you will hone your sustainability knowledge and skills, learning how to deliver high impact solutions and effectively apply key lessons learned from real projects.


Masterclasses are designed to provide sustainability professionals with a more in-depth and detailed understanding of a specific topic, and offer guidance on ‘how to’ implement tools and strategies into everyday work practices.

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Course Content

The content of UK-GBC masterclasses varies. Previous masterclasses have focused on topics or policies such as embodied carbon, social sustainability, the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) and organisational sustainability strategies. 

Learner experience

  • A highly interactive learning experience, hearing from expert industry and academic speakers, enabling delegates to apply their learnings to projects and business strategies.
  • For each of our masterclasses we develop supporting online learning resources, including slides, talking head videos, and a ‘how to’ guide.
  • 3 CPD hours (per masterclass)
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Masterclass: How to implement Integrated Reporting in your organisation

Through a combination of expert speakers, case study


Cubitt Square and Park © GMJ Design Ltd. Used courtesy of King's Cross Central Limited Partnership

Masterclass: How to develop a green infrastructure on your projects

Through a combination of expert speakers, case study


On-site Learning

Held at a sustainable building or community project, On-site learning is the most ‘hands on’ form of learning which UK-GBC delivers. Delegates can immerse themselves in a real life project and hear about the lessons learned, and how these lessons can be applied to help achieve sustainable outcomes on projects.

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Course Content

Each session includes a presentation by technical experts involved in the project, who present on its vision, objective, and success criteria, as well as a guided tour of the project led by those who directly worked on it, with a focus on the building lifecycle, practical solutions and lessons learned. 

Previous on-site learning tours include WWF’s Living Planet Centre in Woking. (add hyperlink to case study)

Learning experience

  • The On-site learning stream offers an interactive and immersive approach to sustainability, including a tour of the building or site by a project expert.
  • Learners receive an in-depth case study, with detailed information of the building or project, following the On-site learning tour.
  • 3 CPD hours.
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On-site Learning Tour: Kings Cross Development

The UK-GBC's new on-site learning tours offer the


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On-site Learning Tour: MMU Birley Fields Campus

The UK-GBC's new on-site learning tours offer the


Technical Workshops

Technical workshops are designed to provide practitioners with a more detailed understanding of a specific sustainability issue, in a highly interactive setting.

By attending a workshop you'll hear from expert academic and industry speakers, and learn how to apply your learnings to your projects and your business.

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The technical workshops have been specifically developed for practitioners working in the built environment sector who wish to enhance their knowledge of key sustainability issues and further develop your technical skills to help you embed the sustainability learnings in your own work.  

Suggest a topic - Our workshops are designed to benefit you. If there is an area that you would like to see explored in more detail through one of our workshops, please let us know.

Speak/input to a workshop - If you are an experienced trainer, or you have some interesting research to share, and wish to become part of our delivery team we’d like to hear from you.

Email: learning@ukgbc.org

Embodied Carbon 2015: Action and Implementation

On the 29 September 2015 UK-GBC will be hosting a one