Our exciting, interactive, multimedia foundation level e-Learning course is designed as an entry point for any professional working in the built environment sector, who wishes to gain an understanding of sustainability. This short 1 hour module requires no background in sustainability as aims to improve your awareness about sustainability issues affecting the built environment.   

The course is structured in 3 parts:

  • Part 1. Key Sustainability Themes: This section introduces the key challenges, opportunities and trends, globally, that are affecting the built environment directly and indirectly
  • Part 2. The Built Environment in a Changing World: This section takes a closer look at the impact of the built environment, to understand why our industry has such a big role to play in responding to avoid further damage and to maximise opportunities to create positive change.
  • Part 3. Your influence: Finally, the module takes a look at what it takes to show strong leadership in sustainability and gives examples how other organisations have achieved excellence across the six building lifecycle stages.

Learning Outcomes

This module will allow you to:

  • Understand the key global sustainability themes that affect the built environment
  • Recognise and understand how the built environment has a direct impact on these key sustainability issues
  • Apply specific examples where other organisations have successfully implemented sustainability 
  • Understand where and how sustainability can be applied to every stage of the building lifecycle

Course Cost

e-learning module per person:

  • Member Rate: £20
  • Non-member rate £30

Corporate booking bundles are available, starting at 100 places. For more information on these bulk purchase discount options and organisation wide training solutions contact e-learning@ukgbc.org