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At UK-GBC, our members are invited to sign up to a Member Commitment which covers three key themes – embedding sustainability; commitment and performance; transparency and disclosure. We are now launching a programme of research to understand where our Gold Leaf members truly are on their sustainability journey, and what they might do next if they were to be more ambitious with their commitments.

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This is part of a drive to ensure that Gold Leaf membership denotes industry leadership on sustainability, thereby enabling Gold Leaf members in their quest to differentiate themselves from the rest of the industry. This new Sustainability 360 process for Gold Leaf members will involve research into their organisational approach to governance and leadership, target-setting and performance; and information / data sharing.

Part of the rationale for undertaking this research is to ensure we can track the progress of our members over time, thereby ensuring that commitment equates to change in practice. It will also ensure that we plan our own activity according to the needs and challenges of the industry, as we hope to use the findings to identify blindspots or gaps in performance. What we don’t want this to be is yet another benchmark or index of corporate practices based on common sustainability criteria. It’s purely intended to ensure we understand our members’ approach and needs, and that we can work together to increase our collective impact.

We are in the process of rolling out our review to all Gold Leaf members over the next 4-6 months. We know it won’t be perfect but the ultimate aim is to measure the collective progress of our Gold Leaf members, and support and challenge them where appropriate. 

In due course, we hope to roll out a much more streamlined self assessment methodology for all our other members in some form of Health Check.

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