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All members are required to sign our statement of member commitment, demonstrating a willingness to strive for continuous improvement in sustainability performance. 


We would encourage you to add as many and as diverse a range of contacts as you can in order to get the most out of the membership, including your executive, management, sustainability, technical, marketing, PR, HR/training colleagues. Please download and fill in this sheet and email to

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Statement of Member Commitment
All Members are required to sign the Statement of Member Commitment in order to complete their application. This should be signed by the Chief Executive or person authorised to sign on behalf of the organisation.

As a member of the UK Green Building Council, we agree to actively support and adhere to UK-GBC’s vision for a built environment that enables a high quality of life for people, within limits our planet can support.

As part of our own contribution to UK-GBC:

  • We commit to championing UK-GBC’s vision by integrating sustainability into our business operations.
  • We will demonstrate our commitment by leading and advocating practices that are environmentally responsible, ethical and fair.
  • We will be open and transparent about our progress and share best practice with others.
I confirm that his has been approved by the Chief Executive or a person authorised to do so on behalf of the organisation
The Companies Act and electronic communication
In becoming a Full Member of the UK Green Building Council you will be registered under our statutory List of Members. To enable us to communicate with you electronically on statutory matters, for example notice and papers concerning the Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the Companies Act we require your specific permission to allow us to communicate electronically on such matters (rather than have to send hard copies). To this end, we would appreciate you agreeing to this request by inserting the e-mail address in the declaration below. (Although this is likely in most instances to be the same e-mail address as the lead contact name on the front of the application form we do actually require you to fill in the e-mail address again in order to validate your agreement).