Demonstrating your impact

As part of signing the Member Commitment, we will be asking members to actively demonstrate their impact as an organisation and how they are meeting and improving against each of the statements year on year. There are plenty of UK-GBC activities which members can take part in to actively demonstrate their commitment.

Share your story

We launched the “Our Commitment” videos in October 2014 as an outlet for members to explain how they are meeting the Member Commitment. These videos showcase the pioneering sustainability work of members and covered a range of sustainability topics and issues including integrated reporting, knowledge sharing and behaviour change.

Make a video

Take part in a Sustainability Journey

Sustainability Journeys are a way to highlight our members’ commitment to sustainability in the built environment. Twice a month we review a sustainability plan, roadmap or report from one of our member organisations, highlighting their commitment.

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Write an opinion piece

UK-GBC will shortly be starting a series of blogs from members on the Member Commitment, specifically on how their organisation is meeting one of the three statements.

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Engage in peer reviews

Collaboration across the supply chain is key to the Member Commitment. UK-GBC is continuing to trial peer reviews and roundtables which bring together a small group of industry professionals to provide feedback on a member’s activities or addresses a specific issue identified by the member.

Host a peer review

Add to Pinpoint 

Sharing knowledge and information is also a key component of the Member Commitment and we’re asking members to upload and share content on Pinpoint. This could be a link to a sustainability report, case studies, research reports or copies of presentations to the wider industry.

Visit Pinpoint

If you have any questions about the above activities, please contact