Meeting the Commitment

How can your organisation meet the Member Commitment and demonstrate your commitment as part of our membership body ? We’ve outlined some ideas and suggestions of ways in which we think our member organisations can work to actively meet each of the three statements within the Member Commitment, in addition to their activities with UK-GBC.

Statement 1: We commit to championing UK-GBC’s vision by integrating sustainability into our business operations.

Ways to meet this might include:

  • Publishing a robust sustainability vision, strategy, policy or roadmap
  • Engagement in sustainability at Board level
  • Sustainability training or objectives for staff
  • Green teams or sustainability champions
  • Working with supply chain or clients to adopt sustainable practices

Statement 2: We will demonstrate our commitment by leading and advocating practices that are environmentally responsible, ethical and fair. 

Ways to meet this might include:

  • Promoting sustainability in the supply chain or with customers
  • Going beyond current standards and engaging positively to promote ambitious policy
  • Innovating or integrating innovative solutions into designs and practices
  • Challenging the client brief to go further on sustainability
  • Taking part in leading sustainability practices e.g. employing circular economy principles

Statement 3: We will be open and transparent about our progress and share best practice with others.

Ways to meet this might include:

  • Sharing lessons learned, successes and challenges
  • Sharing data openly and contributing to data platforms
  • Transparency and honesty in reporting
  • Engagement or collaboration with supply chain partners, clients and competitors
  • Communications, blogs, social media

This list is intended to give members an idea of ways to illustrate your commitment but every member will have their own approach. We’d be keen to hear any ideas you’d like to add to this list. 

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