Can Embodied Carbon go mainstream?

Embodied carbon is an area of impact that UK-GBC members are keen for us to progress as was highlighted in the member survey and various discussions we have with our members throughout the year.

As such, we have included a focussed piece of work in our Annual Operating Plan around furthering action on embodied carbon. Previous years have focused around building awareness and profile raising on embodied carbon (see our Embodied Carbon Week Report) with learning opportunities to assist members in getting started (see our 'How to' guide). 

This year our focus will be on the challenge of industry taking practical action on embodied carbon and broadening it out from a niche consultancy capability to a mainstream issue. One approach that we believe is necessary and was highlighted as an opportunity for development at our Embodied Carbon Conference is helping client organisations correctly specify lower embodied carbon built assets to deliver whole life carbon reduction opportunities. To that end, we are looking to partner with a cross section of UK-GBC members to develop an example development brief for whole life carbon measurement that can be easily adopted by client organisations, signposting to existing and appropriate metrics, guidance and benchmarks. 

If you are interested in partnering on this piece of industry research, please get in touch with Natalia Ford  

Published: 11/05/2016

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