Industry Business Plan - Sponsors Announced

Further details of UK-GBC's ambitious new project have been published.

The ‘Industry Business Plan’ project asks what the future
operating environment looks like for ‘UK Built Environment Plc’ and where the
business opportunities are in a carbon and resource-constrained economy. The
bold aim is to develop the business case around a handful of key opportunities
– new products, services, or business models – encouraging those to be taken
forward ‘on the ground’.  These ideas will be presented at a special event
for UK-GBC members in May.

The project is being sponsored

The project has also attracted funding from the Technology Strategy Board. Deloitte is
providing project management and research support. We’re very grateful for the
support of those organisations.

For more information about the business plan project, keep checking the website, here. There is a 2 page briefing paper, which
provides further context and background information and details of expected
outputs, here.

In comments being released to the media shortly, Paul King,
Chief Executive of UK Green Building Council has said:

“Imagine if the companies operating in the construction and
property sector were all part of one mega conglomerate, ‘UK Built Environment
Plc’. What would the business plan look like for that company? What would the
opportunities be for vertical and horizontal integration, and for economic
growth, in a future which we expect to be highly resource constrained? This is
an ambitious project that is seeking to identify innovative ideas – new
products, services and business models – which this industry needs to
accelerate or incubate. We can’t just wait for Government to tell us what to do
on sustainability, in this political and economic climate, we need to get on
and do it and turn it into something that is profitable.”

The sponsors have made the following comments:

Miles Watkins, Director of Sustainable Construction at
Aggregate Industries Europe said:
“In the absence of cohesion from any
other source, it is critical that the industry comes together to lay out the
future of sustainable construction for the UK which delivers both radical
performance improvement and sound economic growth. Sustainability is not simply
about the environment - it needs to leverage off and contribute to significant
socio-economic benefits.” 

Marco Marijewycz, Advocacy and Stakeholder Manager, E.ON
“The Business Plan project is all about something which is very
important to E.ON, and that is partnership. As we have shown in a number of UK
cities, partnership enables tremendous scope for innovation in the delivery of
built environment products and services, to the benefit of consumers,
communities and businesses.”

Martin Fahey, Sustainable Solutions Manager, Mitsubishi
Electric said:
“We are very clear that facing current and future challenges
in the built environment always calls for a collaborative approach. The goal of
creating a business plan, providing practical and inclusive solutions to these
challenges is important and timely.”

Ian Meikle, Head of Low Impact Buildings, Technology
Strategy Board said: 
“I am delighted to be partnering industry
leaders in developing this Business Plan; as the need for a more sustainable
future creates real business opportunities for innovative organisations. 
As a sector it is important that we develop a joint view of the future, the
likely journey there, and start developing business models that will drive the
creative thinking required to provide a clear and attractive value proposition
for householders and building owners.”

Published: 09/03/2012

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