Industry comes together to help UK-GBC pinpoint best sustainability information

Representatives from leading companies have come together to support a new initiative from the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) that will create an online sustainability search to point built environment professionals to the best resources, tools and guidance available. 

The new online platform – called Pinpoint – will go live at Ecobuild 2013 and will allow users to search, filter and post reviews about sustainability tools, courses, guidance, benchmarks, case studies and more. The project has been spurred on by the proliferation of sustainability information now available to people working in the construction and property industry. Pinpoint will help users get to the right information within a few clicks. 

EPR Architects, Marks and Spencer, Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems and Wates Group have joined forces to sponsor the project. 

This project has been developed with the help of a Task Group of industry representatives which scoped what information was currently available and how best to present it in an easy-to-use format. Building on the work of this Task Group, which was sponsored by BAM and Morgan Sindall, an Advisory Group of industry representatives is helping to steer the project towards launch.

Paul King, CEO of the UK Green Building Council commented:

“There has been an explosion of sustainability initiatives in the built environment sector in the last few years. While that has to be a good thing, it’s incredibly confusing for professionals working in this space to know where to turn for reliable advice, information, tools and guidance. Pinpoint is designed not to create reams of new information, but to provide a framework for organising what already exists – getting the user from A to B as easily as possible, and enabling an exchange of views between users on the resources available.

“It wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, who, by getting behind this initiative, are demonstrating their commitment to mainstreaming sustainability across the industry.” 

Munish Datta, Head of Property Plan A at Marks and Spencer commented:

“M&S has been on the journey which has seen this project go from an idea to a fully-fledged online platform with a cross-industry group of high-calibre people driving it forward.  We are proud to be part of an initiative that will really help make the property industry more sustainable.”

Rachel Woolliscroft, Sustainability Director at Wates Group commented:

“Sustainability is at the heart of Wates Group and so we are extremely pleased to be involved in the development of UK-GBC’s online platform. The tool will help navigate people to information quickly and simply to drive the delivery of more sustainable buildings for the industry.”

Dieter Gockmann, Director at EPR Architects commented:

“EPR Architects is delighted to be supporting the development of UK-GBC’s Pinpoint which promises to be an invaluable resource for everyone working to build a more sustainable environment and one which everyone in the construction industry will one day look back on and wonder how they ever did without it.” 

Martin Fahey, Sustainable Solutions Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems commented:

“Rising to the challenges of creating a more sustainable built environment will require a collaborative approach and the need to share valuable knowledge and experience. This is why we feel an online platform for this information exchange and best practice distribution will be a major step forward in this goal, and are pleased to be part of its creation.

Published: 12/12/2012

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