Marks & Spencer confirmed as first carbon neutral major retailer

UK-GBC member, Marks and Spencer announced today that it has become the first major UK retailer to be fully ‘carbon neutral’ after reducing energy usage by 28% through more efficient refrigeration, and counting renewable energy tariffs and offsetting.

Five years on from the launch of its ‘Plan A’ sustainability project, M&S’s ‘2012 How We Do Business’ report details the progress of the 180 commitments set out to ensure sustainable policies are at the heart of its business and complex international supply chain. The social and environmental issues addressed by M&S range from energy saving and carbon emissions to Fairtrade and animal welfare; from waste management to sustainable sourcing of timber and fish.

Other sustainability achievements detailed in the report include:

  • 138 commitments have been achieved and a further 30 are ‘on plan';
  • M&S now recycles 100 per cent of its waste, nothing goes to landfill;
  • 31 per cent of M&S products now have a Plan A attribute such as free range, made at an eco factory or made from recycled material;
  • Over five million customers have taken part in Plan A activities.

Read more about Plan A achievements here.

Published: 07/06/2012

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