New Conservative homes plan shows “short term and counter-productive thinking”

The UK Green Building Council has  responded to reports that the Conservatives’ planned starter homes for under-40s would be exempt from the ‘zero carbon’ regulations.

Despite some watering down of ambition, the Conservatives have – until now - remained in principle committed to the zero carbon policy, meaning that all new homes built from 2016 should be built to a high standard of energy efficiency.

Paul King, CEO of the UK Green Building Council said:

“This is incredibly short-term and counter-productive thinking. A new zero carbon home is likely to save householders over £1000 year-on-year on their energy bills compared to a Victorian equivalent, and yet costs builders as little as £3000 extra to build.

“Historically there is absolutely no correlation between the standard of building regulations and volume of housing, the issue has been availability of mortgage financing and in some cases planning. There is no reason whatsoever that we shouldn’t expect high quality as well as quantity of homes – as many developers are proving. Relaxing regulations will only advantage cowboy builders who want to turn a quick profit, and leave a generation with a legacy of poorer homes and unnecessarily high energy bills."


Published: 28/09/2014

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