UK-GBC joins industry call for Government to back 2030 carbon target

The UK Green Building Council has joined more than 50 businesses in signing a letter to the Chancellor George Osborne calling for the government to put in place a 2030 target on decarbonising the power sector.

The letter, co-ordinated by the Aldersgate Group, argues that the move will stimulate investment and revitalise the UK's ageing energy infrastructure.

George Osborne will address the Conservative party conference this week and his aides have made clear that he is against a 2030 target on carbon; last year he fought successfully to have the UK's carbon targets for the 2020s reviewed.

Osborne also supports a new "dash for gas" - the construction of around 20 new gas-fired power stations, which could raise emissions and severely limit investment in renewable energy.

The letter also highlights a warning from the Committee on Climate Change that the widespread use of gas-fired generation without carbon capture and storage after 2030 could violate the government's own commitments on carbon reduction.

Read the letter here.

Published: 08/10/2012

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