World Green Building Council launches global green survey

The World Green Building Council is partnering with McGraw-Hill on a new global green survey. The survey will offer key insights on construction activity around the world by examining important trends affecting and transforming the construction industry on a global, regional and national level.

The survey aims to explore the benefits of green construction throughout the world, as well as looking at the variation of green practices and standards by region.

We are keen to get input from as many organisations as possible, so if you want to participate, please fill in the survey.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your
responses will be completely confidential and used for this survey only.
All responses will be analysed in aggregate, and no individual
responses will be referenced or used in any way.

The results of the survey will be disseminated worldwide by McGraw-Hill Construction to professionals in over 90 countries. The results will also be used to produce a World Green Building Trends SmartMarket Report (SMR), an update and expansion of McGraw-Hill Construction’s 2008 Global Green SMR that WorldGBC co-produced. This study was the first of its kind and garnered widespread global attention, particularly in China, India, Australia and Canada.

Published: 12/09/2012

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