ESOS: Show and Tell

Next March – yes, in a little over a year! – we will be holding our first major event on the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). With it taking place so far into the future, the specifics are still somewhat to be decided, but the main objectives of the event are set.

Firstly, the event will represent an opportunity for members and non-members to feed-back on their experiences of the first year of the scheme: what worked, what didn’t, and how the scheme could be improved for future years. Secondly, the event will be an opportunity for UK-GBC members to showcase the innovative approaches that they (and their clients) have taken in implementing the scheme, and putting the energy saving opportunities they have identified into action.

As you’ll all know, we have high hopes for ESOS. While the scheme is perhaps a little more “light touch” than we might ideally have wanted, the prospect of thousands of companies up and down the country undertaking audits of their energy use, and identifying deliverable and costed opportunities to reduce it, is potentially game-changing. Up to now, one of the key barriers holding back energy efficiency improvements has been inertia: the failure of organisations to take the time to measure and delve into the detail of their energy use. Once that happens, the chances of putting energy saving measures into practice are much improved. ESOS represents a legislative driver for that activity to take place and, if taken seriously, could help to catalyse a torrent of investment.

The event is timed to take place shortly after the end of the first compliance year. The lessons learned over that period, brought to light by the event, will be used by us at the UK-GBC to feed into the planned 2016 review of ESOS (and the CRC), to help ensure that any changes to the non-domestic energy efficiency landscape reflect the on-the-ground experiences of the sector. The “showcase” element is intended to provide a platform for those that have gone beyond “mere compliance” with the scheme to gain recognition for the work they have done, and to help the wider industry learn from that leadership.

If you would like to hear more about our plans for the day, to put yourselves or your clients forward for the showcase, or are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact me at

Richard Griffiths is UK-GBC's Policy and Campaigns Consultant

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Richard Griffiths

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