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Futures thinking from UK-GBC

What's your vision for the future?

This year at EcoBuild, we tried something new: an...

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Front cover image of UK-GBC guidance - Brunel Building

Embodied carbon in building projects

Embodied carbon is the total greenhouse gas emissions...

added 2 days ago

Planetary alignment of leaders in Leeds

A lot to digest politically at the moment – Housing...

added 1 month ago


Policy fail: what can be learned from the RHI scandal?

Who would have thought that green energy policy could...

added 1 month ago

Man infront of door

Delivering low carbon infrastructure

On Wednesday 30 November practitioners from across the...

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Man infront of door

How do we extract the value of sustainability?

On 22nd November, just a few days after the world’s...

added 3 months ago

UK retail high street

This Black Friday, why not Close the Doors?

Would you leave your front door open on a street from...

added 4 months ago

How Can GRESB Help to Deliver Fund Performance?

How Can GRESB Help to Deliver Fund Performance?

On Tuesday 15th November, EVORA ran an important...

added 4 months ago

Donald Trump

Trump: What does this mean for green building?

Amidst all of the rhetoric of the US presidential...

added 4 months ago

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