Measurement and Reporting

Accurate measurement and reporting of sustainability impacts is fundamental to achieving progress towards sustainability goals. It is said, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Industry action

All our members sign our Statement of Member Commitment which is as follows:

  • We commit to championing UK-GBC’s vision by integrating sustainability into our business operations.
  • We will demonstrate our commitment by leading and advocating practices that are environmentally responsible, ethical and fair.
  • We will be open and transparent about our progress and share best practice with others. 

Informing Industry standards

Following a recommendation in the report from the Measurement and Reporting Task Group the UK-GBC supported the development of a Construction and Real Estate Sector Supplement for GRI (GRI CRESS) which involved several consultation events and a launch event in October 2011.

The UK-GBC’s previous work in this area includes consulting on various versions of the BREEAM schemes. A consultation on the BREEAM 2011 update was published in August 2010. The BRE also provided a response to the UK-GBC's consultation feedback.The UK-GBC has since consulted on the latest version of BREEAM New Construction 2014 manual, and the feedback can be found here

The UK-GBC has also supported the ongoing development of the UNEP-SBCI common metrics and the Green Property Alliance common metrics in the past. 

Influencing Government

We continue our work to roll out Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and having a more robust system for the CRC-EES following the Existing Non Domestic Buildings Task Group which scoped out how to take this forward as set out in the task group report. We support the mandatory roll out of Greenhouse Gas reporting as seen in our consultation response.


We held a series of masterclasses and debates based on the London 2012 sustainability lessons learned. We are continuing the development of master classes to share learning within the membership and wider industry.

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Business Case

The World Green Building Council has led on a research piece which collated the global evidence for the business case for green buildings. The report was published in March 2013 and can be found here. This has given rise to an additional research undertaken by UK Green Building Council to establish the link between green buildings and the impact they have on productivity. The research focusses around which criteria are to be measured and the metrics that should be used.