Energy and Carbon

Our built environment is vital in the fight against climate change as about 45% of CO2 emissions in the UK come from energy used in our homes and buildings.

The challenge

We need to almost completely decarbonise our built environment by 2050, through a combination of very high energy efficiency of buildings, on-site renewable energy, community scale renewables and decarbonisation of the grid.

This is a huge challenge, which will require a partnership between government, the private sector and consumers. Inevitably, questions have been asked about how realistic it is to both put the UK on a pathway to a low carbon economy at the same time as deal with the economic downturn. But we don’t have a choice – as Lord Stern has said: “We are facing two global crises, one economic and one planetary. We can act effectively and simultaneously on both fronts.”

Much of our current priority work focuses on energy and carbon. In particular see our pages on New Build and Retrofit