Green Building Series Booklet 2014

The Green Building Series is a set of six one-day courses that provides practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of sustainability across the building lifecycle and how it can increase the value of projects, benefitting the whole supply chain and the end user.

The Green Building Series is a Level 2 series of courses. Level 2 is for learners who want to improve their understanding of sustainability in the built environment.

Sustainability is often viewed in isolation at each stage of the building lifecycle, rather than throughout the system as a whole. The Green Building Series aims to break down these silos by taking an integrated approach to sustainability learning.

Each course features presentations from expert speakers, interactive breakout sessions, a quiz and a post-course learning summary. Courses can be taken as the full series, or booked onto individually.

The six one-day courses are as follows:

  1. Smart investments - Funding, valuing and acquiring green buildings 
  2. Integrated Planning - Creating sustainable communities
  3. Re-Imagining Design - Inspiring integration and innovation 
  4. Responsible Procurement - Greening the supply chain
  5. Building Better - Driving sustainable construction
  6. Efficient Buildings - Optimising operational performance

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