A housing stock fit for the future: Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority

The report outlines the economic benefits of home retrofit. It calls for home energy efficiency to be made a national infrastructure priority and for all political parties to commit to a target of 1 million deep retrofits a year by 2020.

Infrastructure is the backbone of any modern, successful and competitive economy
National Infrastructure Plan 2013 (HMT)

We agree. Infrastructure – transport, energy, waste, communications and flood defences – underpins our economy and directly impacts our quality of life. Unfortunately there is a gaping hole at the heart of the National Infrastructure Plan. That most crucial element of infrastructure – the bricks and mortar of our existing housing stock – is missing from the Government’s list of priorities. No other investment can achieve so much to help struggling householders, stimulate economic growth and create jobs in every constituency in the UK. It is also critical to addressing national challenges of safeguarding energy security and tackling climate change. But the only way to make our housing stock fit for the future is to fully integrate energy efficiency within the UK’s infrastructure plan.

We are calling on all political parties to:

1. Make home energy efficiency a top infrastructure priority

2. Support investment with a long term revenue stream

3. Achieve 1 million deep retrofits each year by 2020

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