STEP Market Research 2011: Executive Summary

Executive summary: Sustainability Education and Training Programme (STEP) research findings 2011.


Phase 2 of the market research has given UK-GBC an invaluable insight into industry trends and requirements around training and education. It showed that despite the current economic climate, sustainability is still at the forefront of many organisational strategies. The research revealed vital information that will help progress the development of the STEP Lifelong Learning Framework in line with industry needs.

From the research findings the following recommendations are given:

1. Develop a holistic programme of learning that is multi-disciplinary and covers all areas of sustainability, in terms of content and levels of difficulty.

2. Ensure that courses developed are of high quality, and delivered through a variety of learning mediums.

3. Choose an accreditation partner that will help validate the quality of the programme.

4. Continue pursuing the development of a qualification that recognises and awards expertise in green building.

Author: UK-GBC

Added: 28/11/2011

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