UK-GBC Consultation Response: Zero Carbon New Non-Domestic Buildings

Feedback report from a national programme of events on the Department of Communities and Local Government‟s consultation on the journey to zero carbon for non-domestic buildings, organised by the UK Green Building Council.

Zero carbon new non-domestic buildings are an issue of huge significance for the UK Green Building Council, our members and the wider industry and I am encouraged that government has set out some ambitious aspirations in this area. A lot of the content of the proposed zero carbon non-domestic definition carries on from the work done in the homes sector, building on the body of work carried out by the Zero Carbon Hub, in which the UK-GBC and many of our members were heavily involved.

The non-domestic consultation takes, we think sensibly, the same hierarchical approach to the zero carbon definition as that for homes; first focusing on the efficiency of the building itself, before considering what low or zero carbon energy can be generated on or near the building, then lastly looking at the more remote, and often more contentious, options to mitigate any remaining emissions. Government asked UK-GBC to lead a series of workshops across England to further investigate the industry response to the proposals set out in the consultation on zero carbon non-domestic buildings. This report summarises the outcomes of these workshops and aims to provide an objective assessment of the participants‟ feedback.

While there is still a lot of work to do, it feels – at long last – as if this policy is beginning to take shape. There are naturally different points of view on the detail, but I take confidence from a broad consensus about the need for an ambitious, deliverable and effective policy. I believe this shows a maturity in the relationship between government, the industry and other stakeholders and I‟m grateful to everyone who has taken part in this process.

Author: UK-GBC

Added: 20/12/2010

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