UK-GBC Plan for Growth

If ‘UK Built Environment Plc’ was a mega conglomerate operating in the property, construction and infrastructure sector, what would its plan look like for the next 10 or 20 years? We've been exploring this question for the past six months in one of our most ambitious projects to date. This report is the culmination of the project

We have called this report ‘A Plan for Growth’, for what would seem fairly obvious reasons, with the industry still suffering from the deepest recession in living memory. But this piece of work goes beyond the current economic climate and indeed beyond the built environment sector as it currently exists. This report is the result of a process which we called the ‘Industry Business Plan’ project. It was in part inspired by the words of Paul Morrell, the Chief Construction Advisor, who said in the Low Carbon Construction report “Over the next 40 years, the transition to low carbon can almost be read as a business plan for construction, bringing opportunities for growth”.

Author: UK-GBC

Added: 30/05/2012

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