UK-GBC Task Group Report: Biodiversity and the Built Environment

Final report from the UK-GBC Biodiversity Task Group: Biodiversity and the built environment.


Biological diversity (biodiversity) is a vital component of healthy, well-functioning ecosystems. Recent research has shown that ‘the well-being of every human population in the world is fundamentally and directly dependent on ecosystem services’1 . However, in the UK, 39% of habitats and 27% of ‘priority species’ are in decline, with some showing accelerated deterioration.2

Our built environment has the potential to have a major negative impact on biodiversity. However, if done sensitively, the development and refurbishment of buildings can in fact increase the ecological value of a site. There is a growing body of research which suggests that access to biodiversity and green spaces is valuable to individuals, businesses and communities.

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Author: UK-GBC

Added: 31/03/2009

Number Of Pages: 39

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