UK-GBC Task Group Report: Organisational Measurement & Reporting

Final Report from the UK-GBC Measurement and Reporting Task Group, published 9 July 2008.

Many organisations find that financial reporting alone no longer satisfies the needs of shareholders, customers, communities, and other stakeholders for information about overall organisational sustainability strategy and performance. Organisational sustainability measurement & reporting is a method by which an organisation can demonstrate its performance against a wider range of factors than financial reporting. Furthermore, with sustainability targets becoming increasingly set as regulation, measurement against these targets is essential to define focus and assess progress.

Organisational measurement and reporting is still not well understood or embraced by industry. As a result, while we know the built environment accounts for approximately 44% of total carbon dioxide emissions and the UK government is targeting a 26-32% reduction by 2020, the vast majority of organisations that operate within the sector do not understand their carbon impact or know if it is getting better or worse year on year.

Sustainability Reporting is much more than an output of data. It is a journey that an organisation embarks on to understand and integrate the relationship between sustainability and the strategic direction of a company. A product of this journey is a regular (usually annual) snapshot of strategy and performance where an organisation publicly discloses its economic, environmental, and social performance forming a key communication to stakeholders.

Implementing sustainability at an organisational level requires organisational alignment between strategy and policy, processes, structures, tools and most importantly, people. These will enable the organisation to define where it is, where it may be headed and opportunities for improvement. This report presents the findings of the UK Green Building Council’s (UK-GBC) review into organisational measurement & reporting undertaken by the UK-GBC’s Measurement & Reporting Task Group.

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