UK-GBC Task Group Report: Pay As You Save (PAYS)

Final report from the UK-GBC Pay As You Save (PAYS) Task Group


With some 45% of the UK’s emissions coming from existing buildings, it is clear that a significant and comprehensive programme is needed to upgrade the performance of our existing building stock to meet the target of an 80% reduction in UK emissions by 2050 as set out in the Climate Change Act. Government has said, rightly, that emissions from our homes and buildings should be “approaching zero” by 2050.

Meeting those targets requires a step change in refurbishment activity compared to current practice, not only in terms of numbers of homes but also in the installation of more expensive and potentially more disruptive measures. Government’s intention is for 400,0001 households per year to access a comprehensive package of home energy improvements, rising to 1.8M households per year by 2020, which equates to an investment in refurbishment of between £5bn-£15bn a year through to 2020.

The UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) has been promoting the possibility of a new form of financing for low carbon refurbishment in the household sector for some time. Known as ‘Pay As You Save’ (PAYS), the concept is based on spreading the cost of refurbishment for a property over a substantial period of time, across different owners. These principles were adopted by both the Conservative Party, in their ‘Low Carbon Economy’ paper, and also in the Government’s Heat and Energy Saving (HESS) consultation document and its recent white paper ‘UK Low Carbon Transition Plan’.

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