UKGBC Solutions Library: Case Study Submission Form

Through UKGBC’s Solutions Library we seek to identify and promote tried and tested solutions that address our sustainability impact areas – Climate Change, Resource Use, Nature & Biodiversity, Health & Wellbeing, and Socio-economic Impact. The aim is to increase awareness, adoption, and investment in these solutions across the built environment industry. Case studies may be submitted to UKGBC’s Solutions Library to showcase one, or several, solutions being implemented.

Case studies we are looking for:

  • Could be from anywhere around the world.
  • Must address one of UKGBC’s five impact areas.
  • Must be working towards, or have achieved, notable sustainability objective and outcomes.
  • Should showcase at least one, or several, notable solutions/ approaches (e.g. innovative technology/ product, service, process, operating/ financial model)

To submit a case study for consideration, please complete the form below or download the offline version and email it to  If your case study is included, information you submit in this form will be directly used to form content for the Library, and we will issue this to you in draft prior to publication.

The form below is for UKGBC members only, to find out if your organisation is a member please check our membership directory.


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    DesignConstructionIn UseDeconstruction

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    OfficeRetailIndustrialResidentialSocial Infrastructure (e.g. healthcare, education, etc)Economic Infrastructure (e.g. transport, power, etc)Mixed UseNew buildRefurbishmentOther, please specify:

    Select only those that are directly and explicitly addressed (not those that are indirectly addressed

    Climate ChangeResource UseNature and BiodiversityHealth and WellbeingSocio-economic Impact

    Brief overview / executive summary of the project and it’s sustainability ambitions.

    200 words max

    • Details of any ‘SMART’ objectives, quantifiable achievements, any third-party assured verification/ certification schemes including the level achieved.
    • Detail about how the project addresses the above impact areas. For example:
    - Climate change: how the project reduces whole life carbon, reduces operational energy use, increases on or off-site renewable energy supply, and/or offsets any remaining carbon.
    - Resource use: how the project minimises waste, maximises reuse, applies design for optimisation, uses standardisation, and/or uses Products as a Service business models.

    150 words max

    E.g. an innovative product or technology, process, service, operating or financial model etc.

    150 words max

    Please share with other project teams some of the challenges you faced, pitfalls you encountered and any solutions you applied to work around them

    200 words max

    *1 x ‘hero shot’ of the project and up to 3 supporting images. Photographs or digital representation of the project.

    Thank you for taking the time to complete the case study submission form. We will use the information you have provided to evaluate your case study and will be in contact shortly with feedback, including further information should your case study be selected for inclusion in the Solutions Library.