UKGBC Challenge Suggestion Form

Through UKGBC’s work on solutions we seek to identify and promote tried and tested ways to address shared challenges across our sustainability impact areas – Climate Change, Resource Use, Nature & Biodiversity, Health & Wellbeing, and Socio-economic Impact. We aim to increase awareness, adoption, and investment of these solutions across the built environment industry and to encourage open-innovation and collaboration to address challenges.

If you are facing a challenge that you would like us to help crowdsource solutions to, please complete the form below. We will assess your challenge in relation to others we have received, its potential impact for helping achieve our vision of a sustainable built environment, and the ability to which we believe we can help crowd source solutions for it. If we decide it may be appropriate to run it as a challenge, we will be in contact regarding next steps, including refinement of the challenge statement and the potential for you to further participate in the process.

Please word your challenge as you wish. We have also provided some tips here that may help you think about and word your challenge statement:

  • Focus your challenge statement on the future. Make your statement general enough to allow for creativity but focused on one goal.
  • Keep your challenge statement positive and aspirational. Do not use negative statements.
  • Avoid jargon and keep it short. It must be clearly understandable by all targeted stakeholders.
  • Choose a specific action for the challenge. This might be to improve, reduce, expand, or eliminate difficulties.
  • Check the boundaries of the challenge are defined. Constraints and specificity can work well, such as for dates, costs, building types, stakeholders, solution type and specific targets e.g. “How can office occupiers reduce their lighting energy use by 50% by 2025 through technology?” Conversely you may have a broader and more open challenge, which is more likely to return a larger and more diverse set of sourced solutions.
  • Look at our past challenges as examples for how to word your challenge.

The form below is for UKGBC members only, to find out if your organisation is a member please check our membership directory.


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    Why do you believe this challenge is important? What impact would addressing this challenge have?
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    Which of UKGBC’s impact areas does the challenge address?

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    Climate ChangeNature and BiodiversityResource UseHealth and WellbeingSocioe-conomic Impact

    Thank you for taking the time to complete the challenge suggestion form. We will use the information you have provided to evaluate your case study and will be in contact shortly with feedback, including further information should your case study be selected for inclusion in the Solutions Library.