COURSE: Around the World in 80 Case Studies

What are the most sustainable buildings and places being delivered right now across the globe? What could you learn from them to implement in your next project?
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April 7, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am





New dilemmas need new approaches.  As the world strives to meet net zero, regenerative, nature-based, green-financed targets and solutions to the climate emergency, have you ever felt like you were doing it all on your own? It is easy to feel disheartened or overwhelmed – or to blame other countries for what they are or are not doing.  But the reality is that practitioners like you, all over the world are doing incredible things to take us towards net zero carbon and a restorative built environment.  This is the space where we share their learnings and accelerate the change.

By signing up to join our tour around the world you will get to hear first-hand about innovations and breakthroughs, challenges and successes from the people who designed, built, financed and delivered some of the worlds soon-to-be icons.  Each quarter we will have 3 case studies from 3 diverse locations all with a unifying theme.

Who should attend

Professionals looking for new inspiration and to learn from those who have already done it.

Why attend

These sessions will use case studies to bring to life concepts key to creating a sustainable (1.5 degree) world. You will learn from those directly involved in the process, hearing about the challenges and successes and tips for those wanting to follow in their footsteps.

The case studies will be presented in detail, addressing why this example is special, what worked well, what could be done differently next time to improve it, and always with an eye to principles and knowledge that are internationally applicable.

There will be opportunity post-session to engage with experts and connect with peers to develop your networks.


There are free Gold Leaf tickets available for this event, please email for more information.