COURSE: Level 1 Course Mail Series 5 – Advancing Net Zero

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Advancing net zero carbon


November 21, 2019 ( - )
August 31, 2020





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The built environment sector represents 40% of the UK’s total emissions and is highlighted in the Committee on Climate Change Progress Report as offering some of the most cost effective opportunities to reduce emissions. Achieving a ‘net zero’ carbon built environment will require action at an unprecedented pace and scale.

This Course Mail series will examine the route to ‘Advancing Net Zero’ and the key opportunities for the construction and property sector.

It is split into four emails:

  1. Introduction to Advancing Net Zero
  2. Net Zero Carbon Buildings
  3. Scope 3 Emissions in the Built Environment
  4. Business Leadership for a Net Zero Built Environment

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the impact of the built environment on the climate crisis
  • Examine UKGBC’s Advancing Net Zero campaign in-depth
  • Understand how to deliver net zero carbon buildings
  • Examine the full carbon footprint of organisations
  • Investigate opportunities for climate action from built environment organisations

At the end of each Course Mail there will be a short series of questions to check your understanding. Once you’ve completed the course (four quizzes overall) you can request your 1 hour CPD certificate.

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