COURSE: Reflect and Rebuild: Connecting in Nature

This course is designed to help individuals and businesses reconnect with each other in nature and reflect on how to build back better.
Walking trail with beautiful autumn scene in Highgate wood in North London


May 26, 2021
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Central London park



Due to popular demand, we have now moved this course to a Central London location.

Covid-19 has taken its toll on our health and wellbeing, it has also impacted our social and professional networks. Since the first lockdown, how we connect with each other and how we interact with our built environment has shifted fundamentally. Individuals and businesses have suffered, yet many of us have experienced a renewed appreciation of nature and the multiple benefits it can bring.

We need to reconnect with one another and build back our businesses with resilience. Yet at the same time, we need to shift towards to an environment – built, natural and professional – that enables us to meet our sustainability ambitions for 2030 and beyond.

This Pilot 1-day programme (10am-3pm) is positioned to support UKGBC members during this transition, allowing businesses and individuals to explore what needs to change to build back better. Due to government restrictions on meeting indoors, it will be held outdoors in a central London ‘natural park’ location. It will provide an opportunity to reconnect with our values, reflect on the increased momentum around sustainability, and transition towards new ways of working together to accelerate change.

Let Reflect and Rebuild: Connecting in Nature help you define what needs to be different. This newly launched programme entails 3 key components:

  • Reconnect – (with yourself and with colleagues and peers, face to face in nature)
  • Reflect – (not just on 2020, but bigger picture: business resilience, the climate emergency and the transition to net zero)
  • Rebuild – (looking ahead to what is needed to ‘build back better, for yourself, your business and the built environment)

We are also developing this programme for whole teams (8-12 people). Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on staff health and well-being, morale and resilience, and it has been a full year since many have connected face to face. If you would like support in bringing your team back together in a fun, safe, enriching and inspiring environment, giving time and space for teams to reconnect with one another and reflect on a year of working remotely, please get in touch with

Detailed location details to be provided upon sign up.

Who should attend?

UKGBC members, individuals, team leaders who would benefit from a day immersed in nature, and connecting to others, on what is needed to ‘build back better’.

Why attend?

Connect face-to-face with others from across member organisations to share challenges and insights. Take time out from the business of life, for yourself to connect with nature and with others, and experience nature/mindfulness/bushcraft activities in a remote retreat location.

  • Practise how to use nature as a powerful antidote for anxiety and stress, helping build resilience and refresh your mind following this year of remote / online working.
  • Share perspectives with those you connect with and gain insights.
  • Explore your own role in these rapidly changing times.
  • Feel empowered by actions to take forward into your work and business.
  • Feel positive, uplifted and connected!

Later in the summer (August), a 2 day programme with overnight accommodation, will be held and will contain deeper exploration on personal purpose, resilience, and own role and action needed in these rapidly changing times.

Discounted Gold Leaf tickets available. Please email for more information.

This course will be run in accordance with Covid-19 Government guidelines, and protocols will be closely followed.